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G-Technology’s horrible customer service

December 6, 2009

Well, this is the 3rd time in the last year that we have been burned by G-Technology‘s customer support, so we are finished with G-Tech for life.

We are computer consultants who had previously been telling our clients to buy G-Tech drives, but no longer. After many drive failures coupled with horrible customer service by G-Tech, we are exclusively switching over to OWC Mercury Drives instead.

We expect hard drives to fail from time to time, but we expect the company to be responsive when that happens, considering that our hard drives have been under warranty when they failed! G-Technology has betrayed any goodwill that we have ever had for them at one point.

This is an example of just the most recent problem that we’ve had… we have other G-Tech horror stories to share as well, but this is the most recent problem:

I originally called G-Technology about a failed 1TB G-Drive on September 18, 2009. The drive was only about a year old, so it was still covered under their 3-year warranty. They told me to fill out a support form on their website and they said that they would get back to me with an RMA #. They never contacted me. I called them the following week (on September 24th, 2009) and they told me that they had a server crash so they lost any support forms that were filled out on their website. I asked if they could please just give me an RMA # over the phone, and the rude guy on the phone condescendingly said to me, “Do you understand what a server crash means? It means that you need to fill out the form all over again.” So, I filled out the support form again on September 24th. G-Tech finally decided to email me back about a week later on October 1st and gave me an RMA (RMA #R201001) and I sent in the drive to them on that date.

Then, the waiting game began. I never heard back from them after October 1st. I waited over a month, and called them again on November 6th, and they told me that nobody has even had a chance to look at our broken drive yet, and that it would be another 3-4 months before anything would happen. 3-4 months?! Are they trying to wait out the warranty or something, so that they don’t have to repair it at all?

I told them that this really isn’t fair since we paid for this drive and we need this drive and it is one of our important backup drives and that it should be covered quickly under warranty. So then the guy turned into a used car salesman on the phone and whispered to me, “Okay, because you sound like a nice guy, I’ll authorize a replacement drive of equal value to be shipped out to you immediately, but don’t tell anybody that I did this for you.”

Yes, I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

He lied to me.

It is now December 6th, almost 3 months after our initial contact with G-Tech, and we haven’t received anything from them yet. They still have our broken drive!

This is just the LATEST in a STRING of customer service problems with G-Tech.

Goodbye for life, G-Tech! I’m ashamed that I ever recommended your products to my clients at all. You have not only destroyed your own reputation, but your behavior has almost destroyed my reputation as a credible computer consultant as well.

We are moving onto companies that actually treat their customers with respect and actually honor their warranties! Namely, Other World Computing or LaCie. Even though LaCie has extremely high drive failure rates as well, at least they have always treated us with respect and very quickly (usually within 2-3 days) sent us a repaired or replaced drive. LaCie’s customer service and support has always been excellent. Meanwhile, the entire Mac industry knows that Other World Computing has outstanding customer service and support, as well as very high quality components too.

Goodbye, G-Tech… I hope that your bad reputation precedes you wherever you try to do business.

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  1. herbertbarrywoodrose permalink
    December 6, 2009 6:04 PM

    I was thinking about going to Hard Drives to extend my computer also. But recently my brother told me that they are all a nightmare. It never even occurred to me that the entire field was failure prone! He said they all fail regularly, and that he has to replace them all the time, as well as send them in constantly with important information on them just praying that data can be retrieved. What is going on?!? Is it impossible to get a decent hard drive other than Time Machine?

  2. December 6, 2009 6:15 PM

    Well, Time Machine is simply a software program that backs up to the hard drive of your choice. You may have meant Time Capsule instead of Time Machine. I really like the Time Capsule. I think your best bet would probably be to buy a Time Capsule from Apple, which is a WIRELESS hard drive for backup purposes, and it is ALSO a wireless router and ALSO a wireless printer sharing device… all rolled into one.

    But, to answer your question, the ideal goal is to have 2 or more backups, so if one goes down, you still have another one waiting. And hopefully that 2nd backup is off-site, so in case of a fire or theft, your off-site backup is still safe.

    I actually keep 5 backups for myself:

    1. I have one off-site Internet backup using (which I love).
    2. I have one on-site Time Machine backup using Apple’s Time Capsule.
    3. I have one off-site backup drive in the trunk of my car, onto which I backup once a week using SuperDuper.
    4. I have another backup (which goes both on-site and off-site): my most important 16 GB of data are encrypted and backed up every morning onto my USB Flash Drive that I keep on my keychain.
    5. I use Apple’s Backup software (free with a MobileMe membership) to backup everything in my Home folder onto my Apple iDisk once a week.

    This may be a little overkill, but I know that my most important documents are safe.

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