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February 5, 2010

I’m now putting out a monthly email newsletter! This newsletter is for all of my clients and Mac-using friends, which includes you! The newsletter is focused on small bite-sized news stories and short opinion pieces in it, while this blog is focused on more detailed articles and longer opinion pieces.

To read previous issues of my newsletter, visit my Mac consultant website.

To read future issues of my newsletter, subscribe to the ScottWorld Newsletter and you’ll receive all sorts of exciting Mac news, tips, and tricks!

By the way, for those of you interested in creating your own email marketing campaigns:

My newsletter is being created and sent by MailChimp, the absolute best email marketing company on the Internet. It took me an entire month to research almost 25 different email marketing companies on the Internet, and MailChimp is the absolute best. I could go on & on about every single thing they offer to their customers (for free, I might add), and why they are leaps & bounds ahead of everyone else, but you can discover all of this yourself by going to their website. MailChimp is the Mac of the email marketing world… everyone else is the PC of the email marketing world.

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