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iPhone vs. Android comparison chart

March 12, 2010

Updated on December 1, 2011

I played with my friend’s Android phone today (the Motorola Droid) for about 5 minutes, and I kid you not, the thing crashed on me in the first 5 minutes. I asked my friend how often that happens, and he said, “Regularly.” Unbelievable. My iPhone 3GS never crashed on me even once. My iPhone 4 has never crashed on me once. Not to mention my Mac, which hasn’t crashed on me in 7 years.

And the Android operating system was probably the most difficult-to-use system I have ever used in my life. All I wanted to do was create a blank note and start taking notes, and it was literally impossible to figure out on my own. I had to get a training from my friend on how to do it, and even after the training, the process was about as easy as driving blindfolded down the highway.

Looks like I’m in good company with my opinions, too:

Most Android owners hate their phones so much that only 20% of Android owners would buy another Android phone. Meanwhile, iPhone owners love their phones so much that almost 80% of iPhone owners would buy another iPhone. Not to mention the fact that 40% of Android owners return their phones to the store.

ComputerWorld compares iPhone 4 to Android 2.2, and iPhone 4 demolishes Android 2.2 on almost everything. Here is an exact quote from that article: “There’s no question which is the better mobile OS: iOS 4 beats Android OS 2.2 in almost every category.”

And now I present you with my official iPhone vs. Android Comparison Chart:

iPhone 3GS Android
Unintuitive, illogical, and frustrating user interface (complete with no consistency from one screen to the next or one app to the next)
Unresponsive and inconsistent touchscreen (complete with on-screen keyboard with keys that are too small)
Viruses!! Thousands and thousands of viruses!! Just like your crappy PC that also has viruses.
Crashes and freezes on a regular basis (complete with incomprehensible error messages)
Violates all of your privacy. Every single thing you do on your entire phone (email, text messages, encrypted searches, web browsing, your location, etc.) is being tracked & logged & recorded & reported to the phone companies.
Your phone will never be updated or supported. SUCKER!!
Completely filled with crapware, just like your Dell PC.
When you send a text message to someone, your phone will send the text message to the completely wrong person.
Open app distribution model — as opposed to a controlled app distribution model — which allows viruses and trojan horses and all sorts of other malware to get on your phone, which will steal your personal information and require you to install anti-virus software on your phone, just like on your PC.
Sucks down battery life at an alarming rate because background tasks are not handled appropriately (leading to the top Android apps being background management apps), as opposed to multitasking done the right way, which preserves battery life for hours & hours.
Users are unable to upgrade their phone’s operating system, so they are permanently stuck with whatever features, bugs, and problems that they currently have. No improvements unless they buy a new phone.
Thousands of fake apps that will scam you out of your money.
Viruses!! Thousands and thousands of viruses!! Just like your crappy PC that also has viruses.
Droid 2 phones can’t hold a signal, no matter where you hold them in your hands. You can even place them on your table with speakerphone and they still can’t hold a signal.
Bulky & heavy (complete with ugly design)
No visual voicemail.
Created by Google, a company with ZERO technical support and ZERO customer service. Go ask your dog for help if you have a problem with your device.
Violates your personal privacy due to 20% of all Android apps being malware, and due to the fact that there is NO CONTROL over what apps can make their way onto your phone. If you like your personal information stolen, Android is for you.
Shares your private & personal information (without your consent) to unknown companies, and you have absolutely no control over this.
False advertising which claims an “open” development platform when it’s really a locked-down development platform with even more restrictions than other platforms
Can’t be used in the enterprise because it lacks support for corporate proxy servers and full Exchange Server support.
Created by Google, a company that wants to destroy the freedom of the Internet and make the Internet as closed off and inaccessible as cable television.
Total cost of ownership has been confirmed to be significantly more expensive than owning an iPhone
No native ability to sync to your computer’s calendar or address book. Forces you to sync with Google’s online services only. WTF??
Completely lacking in security, encryption, backups of your important data, movie & TV downloads, and just about every other important feature you would expect to be on a mobile device. Hell, people can even figure out your password.
No native ability to sync to the Mac.
Uses a fragmented operating system that has no consistency from one Android device to another, which strands & abandons the customer because it is not guaranteed to run every Android app nor is it guaranteed to be upgraded in the future. In other words, it is a complete nightmare for the consumer.
Every time you buy an Android phone, you are voting against human freedom and instead giving up all of your power back to the gigantic cell phone carriers again.
Has a frustrated developer base, because they cannot develop one app for every Android phone but must redevelop their app for each Android phone on the market
Actually, developers aren’t only frustrated, but they are also backlashing against Android’s poor distribution model and horrible user experience.
Is typically ignored by software developers, because they can’t really make any money by selling their apps for it.
Totally derivative product that wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the iPhone, and still doesn’t do all of the things that the iPhone can do.
Number of applications available 500,000+ 25,000+
Storage space to install applications 32,768 MB 512 MB, not even enough for 1 large game

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  1. March 14, 2010 8:00 AM

    I can’t agree with you more. I’ve found Apple product not only to be much more useful, but also very reliable. Even if the Droid DID have more applications/features than the iPhone or iPod Touch, I think Apple would still win since it’s products are so user-friendly.

  2. herbertbarrywoodrose permalink
    March 18, 2010 3:24 PM

    2 things:

    1) A girl I know has a Google phone of some kind – it was enormous. She was really positive about it. And yet, in a postive voice she told me that the only bad thing about it is internet. Internet is incredibly slow, and frustrating. That’s all, that’s the only thing that’s wrong. Google made a bad internet phone. The thing looked like an-old school ray-gun, which could be cool if you’re into that kind of thing.

    2) When you say “inconsistent screens” what does that mean? Could you elaborate on that? I don’t have any experience on the Android – For some reason when I saw the Google phone I completely forgot to ask if I could try it. Isn’t that weird? I could barely keep my hands off the iphone when I first saw it – In fact another friend has a Sprint version of one of the iPhone copies, and I wanted to see it and play with it. It wasn’t so bad – it was really frustrating to use the internet, but it was passable up to a point. I almost never have complaints about the iPhone’s internet capability, and seeing other phones really makes me even happier that I have an iPhone. But when I saw the Android I didn’t even think to ask to use it.

    It does have to be said, again, that the AT&T thing is still frustrating if I want to use the iPhone as a phone. When the iPad was announced I was a little snarky, wishing they hadn’t released a large device that does most of what I already like about my iPhone – I want them to actually come out with something I can use as a phone.

    But as a mini-computer this thing is still tops.

    So to finish up – in a very positive voice the girl with the Android said that she was really hopeful that the phone would get better in future generations. I wonder how on earth that’s a good thing. She seemed pretty positive about it though. And this was apropos of nothing – I didn’t ask a single question about it, except for maybe “how do you like it?” She was just very forthcoming about how she thought it would get better years from now.

  3. April 23, 2010 12:15 PM

    What I mean by “inconsistent screens” is that there is no unified or cohesive interface throughout the entire phone. The iPhone, as you know, is beautifully & elegantly & simply designed from start to finish. It just works and it makes sense. Both your grandmother and your daughter could pick it up and instantly use it and know how to navigate around.

    On the other hand, with the Droid (or any Android device), as soon as you switch to a different screen, a whole different set of rules applies. Whatever skills you learned on one screen does NOT carry over to the next screen. It’s like entering into a maze at an amusement park, where you have to figure out new rules to get out of each room.

    I’m not kidding you — it feels like each screen on the Droid was designed by a completely different engineering team. And, you know what, it probably was.

    The whole Android operating system is such a mess and a fiasco. But look who designed it — Google. Has Google EVER been known for great user interfaces? I mean, just trying to navigate through their help pages on any of their websites is an exercise in terror. Look at how disgusting & inconsistent their pages are, and you’ll start understanding what I’m talking about. And Google has no customer service nor technical support either. They hide behind a crappy product, and then you can’t even get in touch with them.

    PC guys and uber-nerds love this sort of inconsistency in their tech devices, because it makes them feel superior to others when they figure it out… you know, makes them feel like they’re finally superior to that beautiful blonde homecoming queen who rejected them in high school. 😉

    But really, the masses only care about something being easy to use.

  4. April 23, 2010 12:17 PM

    Thanks so much… my sentiments exactly.


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