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Snow Leopard and Canon ImageRunner Printers

September 19, 2010

This article of mine was published in the September 2010 printed issue of Mac|Life Magazine, and most recently updated on April 19, 2011 here for Mac OS X 10.6.7 compatibility:

All of the Macs at our company print to 2 very expensive network photocopier/scanners: the Canon ImageRunner 2270 and the Canon ImageRunner 3025. We just upgraded the office to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, but there are no Snow Leopard drivers on Canon’s website! So now we can’t print at all! We called Canon, and they told us to downgrade to Leopard or purchase a newer photocopier since ours have been discontinued.

We’ve received several questions like yours (many of them irate at Canon) since Snow Leopard was released. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and call Canon to see what the problem is. We called Canon several times and also got the same frustrating “downgrade to Leopard or buy a new photocopier” line. That’s really not an acceptable answer when you’ve invested $4,000+ on a printer, so we continually escalated our calls over a series of weeks until we finally got ahold of perhaps the only knowledgeable technician at Canon.

It turns out that there actually ARE Snow Leopard drivers for your ImageRunner printers. They’re just hidden on the Canon website, which is why you couldn’t find them. In their infinite wisdom, Canon decided to only list their Snow Leopard drivers alongside their very newest ImageRunner models, even though those very same drivers are compatible with nearly 100 older ImageRunner printers.

So the trick is to do two things:

(1) Go to the driver download page for one of Canon’s newest ImageRunner printers, such as the ImageRunner 9070 at, and download the Snow Leopard driver, which is currently named “”. Open the ReadMe file that comes with the driver, and you’ll see a list of all 100 ImageRunner models that are supported by that driver. Go ahead and install the driver.

(2) Afterwards, in addition to downloading the driver, you’ll ALSO need to download & install the latest PPD files as well, which are currently named “”. Download and install those as well.

Once you install both the driver and the PPD files, please note that the configuration is completely different than it was in Mac OS X 10.5. Within your Print & Fax system preference, you no longer choose “More Printers” anymore, but rather go to “IP Printing” and choose the “LPD” protocol. This is outlined in more detail within the updated users manual that comes with the driver.

Once you install the Snow Leopard drivers for your ImageRunner printer, this is the new configuration screen that you’ll use for adding your printer to your Mac.

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