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The Dawn of Post-Steve Apple

June 12, 2013

If you haven’t already done so, I would highly recommend taking the 2 hours to watch Monday’s Apple 2013 WWDC Event. It is absolutely amazing. The brilliant dawn of the post-Steve Jobs era. I practically cried tears of joy at least 4 times during the event. Below are the adjectives that I used to describe the event:

Confident. Elegant. Regal. Human. Thoughtful. Innovative. Intelligent. Witty. Surprising. Bold. Courageous. Inspiring. Touching.

Apple showed the entire world what it means to be a leader, why they are the champions, and how they will continue to be the champions without Steve Jobs. I love the new chapter that began at Apple this week, and I eagerly await the next 10 years of brilliance and masterpieces.

The world can rest easy now, never again having to ask the question: “Can Apple Survive/Innovate/Thrive Without Steve Jobs & Scott Forstall?” The employees at Apple have far transcended Jobs and Forstall now. The students have become the new teachers. Almost makes you wonder how much Forstall (and a little bit Jobs) were holding back the rest of the company, once the company had reached the top of the mountain that Jobs had brought them to.

The future is brighter than ever. I am so incredibly pleased. Monday was my happiest Apple day since Steve died. 🙂

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